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Crush The Island Witchcraft (Live at Reading) Reading Festival - Graffiti Video The Island (Live at Reading) Pendulum Live at Reading Festival 2010 Witchcraft - Behind the Scenes Witchcraft Pendulum Interview at The Camden Crawl 'Watercolour' Live at The Camden Crawl 'Watercolour' Live at Radio 1's Big Weekend Watercolour performance on Jonathan Ross 'Immersion' Album Preview Making of the Immersion Artwork Watercolour Pendulum's 'Immersion' Album Preview - interview from Matter Pendulum's 'Immersion' Album Preview - Streaming from Matter 22.01.2010 Pendulum on tour 2010 Glastonbury 2009 - Different Remix / Im Not Alone Calvin Harris Remix Granite Live at Brixton Academy Propane Nightmares Live at Brixton Academy Live at Brixton Academy Granite Propane Nightmares The Other Side Showdown
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  • Added: Mon.14.09.2015 @ 11:26:14AM GrimSc

    Someone can just say where I can acess more Timothy Mahony works? Some videos, films... pls

  • Added: Thu.27.06.2013 @ 16:01:08PM Moe1

    Prettty good song :)

  • Added: Tue.10.07.2012 @ 19:06:10PM CounterRevolution

    This song is by far one of the best by Pendulum, although it is more classified to be more 'electronic rock', I still consider it to be a Drum 'n' Bass act :) Love the use of vocals in most of their songs, it keeps it much more interesting to listen to. I am absolutely shattered though that Rob Swire has chosen to disband Pendulum along with Gareth to concentrate more on Knife Party. I vowed to see them live here in Australia and now I won't ever get the chance to, but nevertheless, they will always be my inspiration when it comes to producing great DnB.

  • Added: Sat.26.05.2012 @ 01:47:56AM Oninemo

    I dunno, but i'm quite sure i've seen another crush vid before, kinda different from this one, but stil the same somehow... maybe i'm just hallucinating too...

  • Added: Thu.19.04.2012 @ 01:07:52AM sahve

    If you have a hard time understanding this vid listen to Crush, to me they relate. Or better yet take Immersion in one dose, masterpiece performance of the psychological tension that cycles through life until 'we ascend, we reach the end.'

  • Added: Thu.25.08.2011 @ 09:08:50AM 82andrew

    what's the? name of the blonde actress? (she's very nice)

  • Added: Fri.12.08.2011 @ 18:53:32PM TheMrGaGa02

    Fuck you! Bieber Pendulum plays real music!

  • Added: Tue.28.06.2011 @ 20:17:34PM brosco

    I've been watching you guys on the telly on the clastonbury festival and i can only say you where far better then the rest.
    Before this weekend i was unfamiliar with your music but now i want to have it all, it's great

    I've been to a lot off festivals during the 80's and 90's and after that there where kids and a wive, so i'm a little bit rusty when it comes about the music scene.

    But after hearing your performance on clastonbury i now what i've been missing and i'm catching up

    JB from NL

  • Added: Mon.27.06.2011 @ 20:46:13PM Felina

    What an amazing set at Glastonbury - the best act of the festival (wish I hadn't just been watching on the telly - it must have been so exciting to be there!

  • Added: Wed.18.05.2011 @ 19:31:55PM RavingHeadBanger


  • Added: Fri.29.04.2011 @ 21:50:06PM luandickinson

    love it the band neva fails to impress me!! awesome x

  • Added: Sat.23.04.2011 @ 04:22:54AM Djoni

    Amazing song and video! Continue in the same vein, good luck!

  • Added: Sat.23.04.2011 @ 04:21:02AM Djoni

    ??????????? ???? ? ????! ??????????? ? ??? ?? ????, ??????? ???!

  • Added: Mon.11.04.2011 @ 14:21:58PM Jebend

    top video for a top song

  • Added: Thu.07.04.2011 @ 21:58:21PM elocoplaya

    Yeah cool theme and video

  • Added: Thu.31.03.2011 @ 20:29:55PM Vergil.X

    This is my contact,

    Welcome to Beijing, hope you can and LINKIN PARK cooperation

    We love you and support you forever, my Pendulum

  • Added: Thu.31.03.2011 @ 19:56:27PM Vergil.X

    Here don't let speak Chinese
    Hope you came to China's performance
    We have a lot of fans
    set up at least hundreds of people, keen on your fans

  • Added: Thu.31.03.2011 @ 19:37:31PM Vergil.X

    ä»ä¹æ¶åå¯ä»¥æ¥ä¸­å½æ¼åºï¼æ们è¿éæå¾å¤pendulumçfansï¼æç±ä½ ä»¬

  • Added: Tue.15.03.2011 @ 16:53:44PM Alves

    you are the best, come to madrid please!

  • Added: Mon.07.03.2011 @ 00:59:51AM sarahbunny27

    I wanna know if he was supposed to get hit by the car or beat up at the beach in the end.

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