Pendulum Discography: Vault

Pendulum Discography Item Image

Label: 31 Records
ReleaseDate: 14th July 2004
Catalog No: 31R019

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  • Added: Fri.29.04.2011 @ 03:48:34AM smasherimp

    such an deep tune. from what i can see theres only one place to buy it. after a bit of searching i found it here: http://www.abunchofcuts.com/my-store/detail.php?page=LR&r=1496

  • Added: Wed.23.02.2011 @ 17:28:34PM jakeh

    You can buy it, but its only on vinyl :( pendulum please release thes epic tunes on cd!

  • Added: Sat.16.10.2010 @ 15:27:32PM doomedpeanut

    Possibly one of the greatest drum & bass tune ever made :)

  • Added: Tue.17.08.2010 @ 23:49:25PM PendulumAddict09

    Where Can i buy This !

  • Added: Fri.06.08.2010 @ 03:01:48AM WoodyBobcat

    Elliot nice to see a fellow veteren on here mate !

  • Added: Sat.14.02.2009 @ 16:04:25PM Elliøtt

    Tune! Seriously, go back to these days and do it all again. I used to worship Pendulum pre-2007.

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