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Posted: Wed 06 Apr 2011 | Views: 49293 | Comments: 38

Download 'Ransom' now - all proceeds to Japan disaster relief

We are pleased to announce that the track 'RANSOM' is now available to buy from the Pendulum store, with 100% of proceeds from the sale going to 2 charities, The Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders (MSF), that are doing amazing work in Japan following the recent earthquake and tsunami there.

Click HERE to download it now.



Some words from Rob Swire...

“As you may or may not know, we excluded a number of tracks from the final version of ‘Immersion’. One in particular caused considerable outcry amongst fans, a little track called ‘Ransom’ that we made for Miami WMC 2009.

It was omitted from the album because we didn't think it fit, and we were waiting for a good enough reason to let people have it.

Given the recent tragic events in Japan, we thought it would be a good idea to finally make it available on our website and donate the proceeds to charities which we feel have the best chance of helping out.

We don't make anything, the label doesn’t make anything - 100% of the proceeds will be divided equally between the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

Given the cause, 99p is really not a lot to ask for, so please support this by not sharing it around. If you're young and don't have a credit card, ask your folks.

Rob S”

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  • Added: Mon.30.04.2012 @ 15:52:02PM DJwray

    Please can you fix the link, your not going to be able to raise money for Japan if nobody can buy the song Rob :/

  • Added: Sun.14.08.2011 @ 23:35:20PM sparks

    Fix the link, I want this song :(

  • Added: Fri.15.07.2011 @ 21:54:46PM Jez.gm83.uk

    I want it but I cant get it, please fix the ink

  • Added: Wed.13.07.2011 @ 10:47:16AM Janey1967

    Please mend the download link

  • Added: Mon.16.05.2011 @ 23:46:48PM Renanyuu

    The download/shop page is broken :(

  • Added: Sun.15.05.2011 @ 11:42:37AM dnb099

    theres nowhere tht will let me download it please fix.

  • Added: Tue.10.05.2011 @ 17:13:41PM charlescobb1995

    Hey i rly wanna download this song, but the link to the store aint working for me and it wont show up under the Ransom part in the UK Store. (yes, i do live in the UK)

    can anyone help me? D:

  • Added: Mon.09.05.2011 @ 21:47:14PM Tom 3003

    Ive heard you guys (pendulum) do better, but it's still pretty good and it's for charity :)
    Do more stuff like vulture and the otherside!

  • Added: Wed.27.04.2011 @ 10:43:41AM Fazackerleyley

    It's an amazing song and i really want to download it, does anyone know if it goes into my iTunes?
    thank you :)

  • Added: Thu.21.04.2011 @ 10:18:17AM Monty999

    No doubt about buying this, well worth the money epic tune & money going to a good cause! :) best money ever spent on song!!!

  • Added: Wed.20.04.2011 @ 14:39:52PM Biz

    If you put the songs "Different VIP" and "Calvin Harris - I'am not Alone Remix" for download, I will be happy to purchase/support them too.

  • Added: Wed.13.04.2011 @ 15:18:21PM lfowler86

    Hope to c it played live, would go down well. an amazing tune and great support for japan.

  • Added: Mon.11.04.2011 @ 10:27:07AM willutalk


  • Added: Mon.11.04.2011 @ 10:25:13AM willutalk


  • Added: Sat.09.04.2011 @ 21:49:00PM krisisdnb-djmx

    Amazing tune and like others I thought hopes of this ever coming out were long gone. Good to see its made the grade finally and for a good cause. Played it last night in The Web Club in Gomel, Belarus and it tore the place apart !!!

    MX (KrisisDnB, UK)

  • Added: Fri.08.04.2011 @ 21:27:40PM Fooshi

    Best 99 p I've ever spent on anything.

  • Added: Fri.08.04.2011 @ 07:46:44AM linkismyhero

    Fuck you powerstone05. You're refusing to donate money for a good cause because your song isn't precious FLAC. Get the fuck off of here, and go whine on what.cd or something.

  • Added: Fri.08.04.2011 @ 02:46:34AM Alejandro321

    No one cares if you 'refuse' to buy it unless it is lossless. Stop being a snob and help some charity instead of listening to the crappy youtube version in your basement. God forbid some kid in a shanty village in Japan gets your 99 quid if you don't get your mids damnit! (On a side note, love it).

  • Added: Thu.07.04.2011 @ 20:05:50PM hisuwh

    Nice one boys. Its great your supporting a good cause like this. And thanks for Ransom - loving it.

    Would love to hear a full version of "Take Us"/Brixton credits

  • Added: Thu.07.04.2011 @ 19:24:37PM seven

    dudes. this is for you n for japan. and those of you who said you wouldn't. why make the coment.now you're under obligation. also... make a vid

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