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Posted: Fri 04 Mar 2011 | Views: 9202 | Comments: 8

For all our Aussie fans, make sure you tune into the Mixup on TRIPLE J on Saturday night at 10pm EST to hear an exclusive Pendulum DJ Set.

For those outside of Australia, you can listen too, click HERE to listen on Saturday 5th March, 10pm EST.

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  • Added: Wed.23.03.2011 @ 20:34:40PM PendulumAddict09

    That Was Fucking Amazing !!! Cant Stop Listening :P See You at Download Lads !

  • Added: Tue.08.03.2011 @ 03:41:32AM TranZUraniK

    That was one of the best things on the radio... EVER!!!! Mate, that was pumpin'!!

  • Added: Sun.06.03.2011 @ 21:51:11PM Bateman10

    Simply put, Eargasm.

  • Added: Sun.06.03.2011 @ 20:54:08PM Letti126

    At this point it sucks to live in england... Totally missed this! :(

  • Added: Sat.05.03.2011 @ 22:56:43PM doomedpeanut


    Link: http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/mixup/blog/stories/s3155697.htm

  • Added: Sat.05.03.2011 @ 22:13:37PM tom_k

    Damn i missed this, any way to listen to it at all now ?

  • Added: Sat.05.03.2011 @ 21:25:49PM doomedpeanut

    Awesome mix! SITW VIP and the new Noisia tune are sick

  • Added: Sat.05.03.2011 @ 12:58:55PM javapalava

    That was great...actually epic!

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