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Posted: Thu 02 Dec 2010 | Views: 39349 | Comments: 28

We can officially announce that The 'Immersion' Tour will be streamed LIVE from London's Wembley Arena THIS FRIDAY 3RD DECEMBER to Pendulum fans all over the world. You can watch the whole show on THE OTHERSIDE and MYSPACE.COM/PENDULUM

The worldwide LIVE stream will start at 8.45pm GMT / 3.45pm EST.

If you haven't managed to get yourself a ticket, make sure you're tuned in to watch 'the greatest show on Earth'! (MixMag)

There are very limited tickets left for the remaining dates on this tour, click HERE to get your hands on one of these tickets.

Click below for a taster of what to expect...

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  • Added: Sun.06.02.2011 @ 18:41:25PM OrangeSun716

    On February 4 I took my daughter, one of my daughters closest friends, and my sister to your concert for my daughters birthday. You guys were very impressive and my daughter absolutely loved you! I hope you guys continue entertaining because you're all on the right track. Hope to see you again! - Nancy Rivera & Naylin Rivera

  • Added: Tue.07.12.2010 @ 19:21:28PM dalek

    i watched the live stream coz i could'nt make it coz my night did get ruined by the poxy trains and we had no one who could take us up to London, but it was an awesome show all the same, not the same as being there though .

  • Added: Sun.05.12.2010 @ 20:35:37PM markiboy11

    My dad and sister were at home watching the link and said it looked awesome! I was there and I still can't stop thinking about how amazing it was. I saw them there in May, they are so much better now! - And they were awesome the first time! I recorded some of the songs, audio and video quality is good:


    that's witchcraft, look at my channel for 6 others I recorded on the night! :)

  • Added: Sun.05.12.2010 @ 20:03:25PM jimpayne@talktalk.net

    I was there 'avin' it large. Awesome gig and a great night that couldn't be ruined by the poxy trains!

  • Added: Sun.05.12.2010 @ 18:50:26PM dazaster

    the gig was amazing, even better then when i saw them in may at the same venue.. they were a few empty seats nr me, but i was more concered with the people that stayed seated the full gig!! i was gonna check them for a pulse! the slam fat dancer was on stage ;)
    add him on twitter

  • Added: Sun.05.12.2010 @ 02:24:17AM drew20101972

    Was there last nigh, first time seeing them live, absolutely awesome, best night of my life! thank you Pendulum, you rock.....!

  • Added: Sat.04.12.2010 @ 15:59:59PM BraadPaarker

    was amazing. my 7th time its was just mad always is.

  • Added: Sat.04.12.2010 @ 13:03:52PM Holly-Berry

    Man I was there.... The stream had nothing on it!

  • Added: Sat.04.12.2010 @ 13:01:34PM Stocker_12

    does anyone have a link so you can download it ?

  • Added: Sat.04.12.2010 @ 10:58:31AM Pendulum_DNB_JACK_61

    OMG IT WAS SO FUCKING EPIC! Condolences to those who couldn't make it last night, you missed out big time! PENDULUM AT WEMBLEY ARENA 03/12/2010 = THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!

  • Added: Sat.04.12.2010 @ 09:15:55AM Jaa(c)

    Anyone recorded it? Please :)

  • Added: Sat.04.12.2010 @ 03:45:40AM sjm4582

    This was one of the best live performances I have ever seen. Still buzzing from it, even though it is hours since I left!! What are you waiting for? Just surrender here tonight, What are you waiting for? as we go towards the llllliiiiggggggghhhhttttttt!!!

  • Added: Sat.04.12.2010 @ 01:56:47AM Antics07

    I don't know how it looked to all you that managed to watch the stream, but from someone who was there....OH SHIT!!!! I was at Wembley for the show back in May and this one completely blows that one out the water.

    Pendulum - Live at Wembley Arena, Friday December 3rd 2010 = Best Night Of My Life!!

  • Added: Sat.04.12.2010 @ 00:35:37AM xxblinddzxx

    Wow.. so people in nord america can't see the show? i hope we can else its gay

  • Added: Fri.03.12.2010 @ 22:54:02PM FamousAmos44

    That show was absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to see you guys when you're here in Kansas City!

  • Added: Fri.03.12.2010 @ 21:13:09PM JBenton

    You were amazing last night in Birmingham loved you xx

  • Added: Fri.03.12.2010 @ 21:12:28PM Mathewearl1

    still havent seen it start yet, cant wait till 9th of december :D

  • Added: Fri.03.12.2010 @ 20:35:37PM Zara_Anne

    So cant wait, was gonna go but snows got me stuck, im gutted! hoping to watch this though

  • Added: Fri.03.12.2010 @ 18:00:22PM frankki

    Have great night all who make it to Wembley. Due to shitty weather we did not get to Glasgow, gutted big time. Gonna watch tonight though, closest I'll get to the real thing.

  • Added: Fri.03.12.2010 @ 14:55:11PM DavyDude123

    gotta see that!!! they are to awesome live!!!

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