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Posted: Fri 08 Oct 2010 | Views: 8692 | Comments: 22

Our pick of the remixes from this week

This week we have had some great remixes of 'THE ISLAND' submitted to our soundcloud account, the competition is really heating up! Here are our chosen remixes from this week...

To start us off:

Pendulum - The Island (Bear Left Remix) by remix_pendulum


Pendulum - The Island (Dane O's Dusk Till Dawn Mix) by remix_pendulum


Pendumum - the island - usb human remix entry mp3 by remix_pendulum

And finally

GEO - THE ISLAND, DEEP ORCHESTRA remix by remix_pendulum

If you want to give it a go, you can download the stems from HERE, make your remix and then upload it to HERE.

Good luck!

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  • Added: Mon.18.10.2010 @ 20:43:30PM balinth11

    the orchestra remix is the best

  • Added: Mon.18.10.2010 @ 14:53:25PM LPprophet182

    LISTEN! i think i have a shot

  • Added: Fri.15.10.2010 @ 17:53:12PM MC REMIX

    MC REMIX here finally finished my DnB version of the song let me know what you think of ths song any feedback is welcome :) cheers heres the link

  • Added: Fri.15.10.2010 @ 08:22:56AM Daveyboi69

    Hey guys, finally added my version of the remix!

  • Added: Thu.14.10.2010 @ 15:58:41PM APHMusic

    I would of thought it would be fine to post your remix here, something would've been said sooner, anyway ive seen some really good remixes so im not expecting to win lol, just listen n tell me what ya think, i dont think there any other drumstep remixes :), anyway cheers all and good luck!


  • Added: Thu.14.10.2010 @ 11:50:53AM OriginalXOR

    Sorry but none of the mixes featured over the last 3 weeks do it for me, some ideas yes but the final mixes IMO just don't quite cut it, but hey that's just my opinion.

    Further to this, I'm thinking that all of those who are posting 'hey listen to my mix' are disqualifying themselves, as at the end of the day you are rebroadcasting your remix which is against the rules, or am I wrong?

    Quote: All trademarks and logos are protected. All rights of the producer and the owner of the recorded work are reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, renting, public performance and broadcasting of this record, remix or remix parts is prohibited.

  • Added: Thu.14.10.2010 @ 09:02:46AM maniak1

    Meaby my remix will good little another version :) Cheerz For All Fans And Band Pendulum !


  • Added: Wed.13.10.2010 @ 20:12:11PM Decayed

    I wonder what the rest of past weeks remixes must've sound like, if these ones where the best and already suck a little. All weeks remixes werent exciting at all..

  • Added: Mon.11.10.2010 @ 22:25:49PM Elektroy

    Hi i think my remix is way cooler, cause it doesn't have that original touch i think.
    Have a listen and please let me know what you think, Lovers and haters are welcome!!



  • Added: Mon.11.10.2010 @ 10:32:28AM djslusj

    i think the second one was creative

  • Added: Sun.10.10.2010 @ 21:12:38PM Zumbaproductions

    Please take a look at mine :)

  • Added: Sun.10.10.2010 @ 10:40:04AM Decayed

    Nope not feeling it!
    the only one from these ones who was kinda okay was Dane O's Dusk Till Dawn Mix
    but its not blowing my socks of.

  • Added: Sun.10.10.2010 @ 06:57:55AM USB HUMAN

    so amped to see how well my mix does in the end

    i'm sure there are a load of other great ones though !

    just honoured to make this week's picks !

  • Added: Sat.09.10.2010 @ 22:17:51PM chasfarrugia

    This is my remix, Feel free to leave a comment or some feedback :) http://soundcloud.com/machetedubstep/pendulum-the-island-dawn-machetes-wtf-remix

  • Added: Sat.09.10.2010 @ 13:21:37PM Warner Brother

    Hi, this is someone from Warner Bros Records. Just wanted to let you know these weekly posts aren't any guide to who will win or is heading the pack. They're just good examples of the varied styles and approaches people are taking. There are loads of wicked remixes that haven't been posted here and between us and the band we'll be listening to every single one before deciding who the winner is. Just because yours hasn't been posted here yet that is absolutely no guide to whether you'll win or not. We've got hundreds we haven't even listened to yet. As a note, we are totally impressed at the quality of entries and all the work people are putting in. This is easily the highest quality we've ever seen from a remix comp. Nice one.

  • Added: Sat.09.10.2010 @ 03:33:27AM APHMusic

    Some awesome remixes up, gonna be a tough one, please take a look at mine and please do leave a comment, gonna upload the edited better version before the deadline, cheers all n good luck!

  • Added: Fri.08.10.2010 @ 23:11:16PM atait78

    I thought u werent allowed to use any other samples than the the parts provided! i could of had a hole lot more fun messing around with parts of island prt 2!!! ?

  • Added: Fri.08.10.2010 @ 22:35:50PM propane0025

    Fair play to Dane O for remixing pt 2, prefer the original, but dont mind that remix at all.

  • Added: Fri.08.10.2010 @ 22:33:26PM jamesmcfadyen

    Here's my failure of a remix that I submitted this week: http://soundcloud.com/jamesmcfadyen

    Wish Pendulum would have told us it would be a weekly lottery. Good luck to all successful producers.

  • Added: Fri.08.10.2010 @ 21:35:05PM Simage

    @Blizzard: a lot of amazing remixes have been uploaded but they pick the wrong ones :(
    what do you think of this? soundcloud.com/simage/the-island-simage-remix-pendulum

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