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Posted: Mon 20 Sep 2010 | Views: 52640 | Comments: 58

Your chance to remix 'The Island'

In association with JUNODOWNLOAD.COM we are offering you the opportunity to remix our new single 'THE ISLAND', and for one talented producer, the once in a lifetime chance to have their REMIX released by Warner Bros. Records.

The competition which has been launched today, will be judged by Rob Swire and Warner Bros. Records' A&R Team and the winner will have their remix released on Warner Bros. Records with full promotional and marketing support. In addition to this, the winner will also recieve £500 cash, £150 worth of Juno download vouchers and a £150 Soundcloud Pro account.

Four runners up will receive a Soundcloud Lite account and £50 worth of Juno download vouchers.

To enter:

  • Download the thirteen stems of the track from HERE
  • Create your remix
  • Upload it to HERE

The deadline for remixes to be uploaded is October 18th and the winning track will be announced that same day. For more details of how to enter click HERE.

Good luck!


  • We've rendered this song as individual sections of channels instead of normal stems (except for the vocals) due to the complexity of the project.
  • All sidechain processing has been taken off to give you clean audio.
  • Being producers with roots in "drum and bass", we hardly ever include the drums or bass parts in the stems - it's not that we don't trust people, we'd just rather you used your own!
  • ORIGINAL KEY: A minor
  • ORIGINAL TEMPO: 126 bpm
  • Any genre is fine, we're not fussy.
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  • Added: Tue.19.10.2010 @ 11:35:51AM johh


  • Added: Tue.19.10.2010 @ 07:49:06AM xtrememc

    No anyone can enter, a bit late now though, but when are pendulum going to show who has won? It is the 19th now..could be due to time difference though...

  • Added: Tue.19.10.2010 @ 07:18:55AM xtrememc

    When do we know who has won...??

  • Added: Tue.19.10.2010 @ 00:00:12AM manwithnoguitar


  • Added: Mon.18.10.2010 @ 23:00:35PM cybernova

    excuse me, how do we get to know who's won the contest?

  • Added: Mon.18.10.2010 @ 16:41:05PM reaperz

    check our rmx out


  • Added: Mon.18.10.2010 @ 16:04:46PM nanodavi

    Minha track...Brasil...Yeah...
    My track brazilian project...
    Electro house...Projecto nanoxido system


  • Added: Mon.18.10.2010 @ 14:56:23PM mislav.zlatar

    Hey check out my remix..i wish i had a day to finish it

  • Added: Mon.18.10.2010 @ 14:56:20PM LPprophet182

    i think i may have a shot with this, especially if they want one to dance to

  • Added: Mon.18.10.2010 @ 14:22:48PM Ikou

    Hey everyone,

    I like nearly every remix I've heard so far.
    Here's the link to electrohouse remix I produced:


    Any feedback or comments are welcome.


  • Added: Mon.18.10.2010 @ 09:59:09AM manwithnoguitar

    where did you guys read that is for uk residents only ? I didn´t saw that in the rules...

  • Added: Mon.18.10.2010 @ 08:03:59AM ogunslinger

    yo check out my dubstep remix, i think you will like it!

  • Added: Mon.18.10.2010 @ 01:00:37AM TerrahUK

    please check out my dubstep remix!!

  • Added: Mon.18.10.2010 @ 00:32:15AM trimethy

    Thanks for the opportunity to play with pendulum's tracks !!!!
    It's thanks to Pendulum and the Qemists I started developing an interest in to Electronic music and as a result I recently started playing with a DAW. This is my 2nd project, hope you can enjoy it =).


    Comments appreciated, though I know there is a long way a head =)

  • Added: Mon.18.10.2010 @ 00:15:39AM sashZZ

    I don't really know if there is a chance. Many other Remixes are just awesome. It was difficult for me to create it in a genre, that is new. =)

    After many days of work here is my track:


    Greets from Jena, Germany.

  • Added: Sat.16.10.2010 @ 13:12:22PM DJZutopian

    Heya! Here's my contribution to the scene. Was looking forward to competing but unfortunately the event is open for UK residents only.


    Cheers from Amsterdam!

  • Added: Fri.15.10.2010 @ 21:14:25PM 0zer0


    feel free to check mine out only done in a day n i dont have a midi keyboard so i had to draw beasts into reason it was anoyin xD lol but wrth it o n i used samples from evanesance it wrks well!!

  • Added: Fri.15.10.2010 @ 13:54:37PM Jonny Slide

    Ok, no turning back now, its done, its uploaded and its sent , hope you enjoy!!!

    good luck everyone!

  • Added: Wed.13.10.2010 @ 22:57:36PM TerrahUK

    Please check my dubstep remix! :)

  • Added: Mon.11.10.2010 @ 11:33:11AM trancedboy

    I just saw in the comments that Australians can't enter the competition, but uploaded my remix anyway. Hope anyone who checks it out enjoys it! :)


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