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Posted: Tue 20 Jul 2010 | Views: 23954 | Comments: 14

If you liked the 'Witchcraft Experiment', you can now download this image of the eye and use it as your Facebook profile picture! Just right click on the image and choose to save image.


You can also download the exclusive 'Witchcraft Experiment' screensaver, and have 'the eye' keep a watch over things while you are away from your computer. 

Click the links below to get your screensaver, available in both Mac and PC formats:
Standard Format (4:3)
Mac version: http://bit.ly/cx6Imi
Windows version: http://bit.ly/aPpjKN

Widescreen Format (16:9)
Mac version: http://bit.ly/9bhRiE
Windows version: http://bit.ly/9wk9io

If you haven't got hold of 'Witchcraft' and the remixes yet, you can get the digital bundle, including the video, from HERE and the CD single from HERE.

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  • Added: Tue.12.10.2010 @ 11:44:16AM dalek

    i've just download the witchcraft screensaver, better then boring old lines on my computer xx

  • Added: Thu.07.10.2010 @ 22:19:25PM MaxP

    how does the facebook pic work is it the one that changes?

  • Added: Thu.30.09.2010 @ 12:45:02PM snaky

    how thrilling! On my smart phone I can enjoy 'Witchcraft Experiment' every day :p from Russia with love

  • Added: Tue.31.08.2010 @ 22:51:28PM MarzEz

    are there any higher resolutions, as George_Hales asked?
    i run my 20" CRT at 2048*1536. (so much for all the fuss about 1080P widescreen - my screen is 10yrs old.)

  • Added: Sat.28.08.2010 @ 16:40:01PM lukeylad118

    I would love a 16:10 format for this... am just downloading the 16:9 version I hope it work with my screen res :)

  • Added: Fri.13.08.2010 @ 02:28:23AM BadBlood

    is there any chance of getting a widescreen HD pic of the Witchcraft album cover to have as a background ?

  • Added: Mon.26.07.2010 @ 17:15:52PM PaulSeele

    The widesrceen versions have been added now. Check the links above.

  • Added: Fri.23.07.2010 @ 18:43:15PM daggar95

    love my new screen saver tis awesome..better then my old one...bubbles lol (Y)

  • Added: Thu.22.07.2010 @ 12:02:51PM dan<3PENDULUM

    I'm likin my new screensaver... :)

  • Added: Wed.21.07.2010 @ 20:21:37PM easys

    oh my good :D

  • Added: Wed.21.07.2010 @ 14:35:35PM Nephelim_gruzin Gruzin

    man....that's cool

  • Added: Wed.21.07.2010 @ 13:34:23PM Valtak

    Any chance of a 16:9 version instead of 4:3? A lot of people use widescreens nowadays :)
    Also, it seems that the max. resolution is 1600x1200 or something?
    Could that be increased to 1800x1440? (21" CRT resolution ^^ )

  • Added: Wed.21.07.2010 @ 12:34:12PM George_Hales

    Any chance of having a high def 1440x900 for my desktop background, the detail is immense, love the image! (Would really freak my sister out if she tried to use my laptop too!)

  • Added: Wed.21.07.2010 @ 12:06:37PM signevonwood

    My new screensaver is epic.

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