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'Immersion' Album Preview

Crush The Island Witchcraft (Live at Reading) Reading Festival - Graffiti Video The Island (Live at Reading) Pendulum Live at Reading Festival 2010 Witchcraft - Behind the Scenes Witchcraft Pendulum Interview at The Camden Crawl 'Watercolour' Live at The Camden Crawl 'Watercolour' Live at Radio 1's Big Weekend Watercolour performance on Jonathan Ross 'Immersion' Album Preview Making of the Immersion Artwork Watercolour Pendulum's 'Immersion' Album Preview - interview from Matter Pendulum's 'Immersion' Album Preview - Streaming from Matter 22.01.2010 Pendulum on tour 2010 Glastonbury 2009 - ‘Different Remix’ / ‘I’m Not Alone’ Calvin Harris Remix Granite Live at Brixton Academy Propane Nightmares Live at Brixton Academy Live at Brixton Academy Granite Propane Nightmares The Other Side Showdown
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  • Added: Thu.12.08.2010 @ 02:37:06AM Zerbexian

  • Added: Thu.12.08.2010 @ 02:36:32AM Zerbexian

    I would love if someone could send me a project file for this, I have no idea how to make things look this awesome :P

  • Added: Mon.14.06.2010 @ 16:10:53PM sasa_1111

    I dream too,to come here in Bulgaria.I'd like you guys come in Bulgaria, I am a big fan of your music!

  • Added: Wed.09.06.2010 @ 14:22:20PM Freeman

    Oh man! Can you send me a project file of this video? I can change all, all credits to you, i just need this for a intro for my friend. He making music too, and his music not bad. :)

  • Added: Sun.30.05.2010 @ 23:46:24PM FurouS_

    I dream of you to come in Bulgaria, you're No. 1! We love you.

  • Added: Thu.27.05.2010 @ 12:44:12PM BlackSekirei

    i wish you'd come to Portugal. Your sound is amasing.. There's so many bands that have come here, but i'd really love to see you guys live.

  • Added: Sat.22.05.2010 @ 03:10:02AM mihalichh

    Come in russia with live show, we are ready to pay any money. The DJ set in sankt-peterburge at pirate station it abruptly, but we require live show. Your music is a fantasy, very much I ask arrive to us with the live

  • Added: Thu.20.05.2010 @ 18:52:38PM pendulumhickey

    could you send me a project file ?

  • Added: Thu.20.05.2010 @ 08:35:27AM xXNoOneLiv3Xx

    Lol yeah but the energy wave behind the text and the font of the text is hard to find >.<

  • Added: Wed.19.05.2010 @ 17:28:07PM crush

    This is easy to make man lol

  • Added: Wed.19.05.2010 @ 12:41:56PM xXNoOneLiv3Xx

    If only pendulum would give the After Effects project file for this =/

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