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Crush The Island Witchcraft (Live at Reading) Reading Festival - Graffiti Video The Island (Live at Reading) Pendulum Live at Reading Festival 2010 Witchcraft - Behind the Scenes Witchcraft Pendulum Interview at The Camden Crawl 'Watercolour' Live at The Camden Crawl 'Watercolour' Live at Radio 1's Big Weekend Watercolour performance on Jonathan Ross 'Immersion' Album Preview Making of the Immersion Artwork Watercolour Pendulum's 'Immersion' Album Preview - interview from Matter Pendulum's 'Immersion' Album Preview - Streaming from Matter 22.01.2010 Pendulum on tour 2010 Glastonbury 2009 - ‘Different Remix’ / ‘I’m Not Alone’ Calvin Harris Remix Granite Live at Brixton Academy Propane Nightmares Live at Brixton Academy Live at Brixton Academy Granite Propane Nightmares The Other Side Showdown
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  • Added: Sat.03.07.2010 @ 13:05:38PM black_heart3

    I like the video but it could have been better - it matched and i found it quite funny!!
    I luv u Pendulum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Added: Mon.04.05.2009 @ 11:06:46AM chickenz

    Love the song the video clip was a absolute shame I loved pendulum but this video really disappointed me I like music videos that are creative and unique not 2 chicks fighting and one running away. Look at Granite, Other Side even Slam theyre all unique in theyre own way plus i like the alien theme :) Really dissapointed pendulum but I still love you ;)

  • Added: Sat.18.04.2009 @ 17:42:52PM vladi

    that song is awesome i love it man it rocks

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